Wussie cat and no sleep

The storm that was supposed to come was not too bad after all. A bit of rain that we loved very much and quite some wind with a bit of thunder and lightning. All that would have been easy to take, if it wasn’t for: Moonshine.

Well, if you know us, you know that I am not talking about light from a certain round thing in the sky trundling around our lovely planet. I am talking about one of our cats.

Mr. Moonshine has always been a bit of a wuss when it came to thunder. So last night, we were all in bed (with Moonshine and Ziggy Stardust) with the storm blowing around the house that woke us up a few times. And then came a single thunder. That was it for Moonshine – he lost it. Jumping up, meowing and we did not know what to do with him. We tried to settle him down again a few times during several hours, did not work. At some stage even his sister Ziggy must have gotten so upset that she started fighting him, across the bed of course, adding to a good night’s sleep for us – not!

I can only and sincerely hope that he’s down to his normal Mooniness again tonight, sleeping, cuddling with the occasional licking of blanket – yes, we think he has CLD – Compulsory Licking Disorder.

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