Our animals – Cats

A cream coloured cat sitting in a suitcase on the bed
Kahlua in the suitcase

We had our lovely cat Kahlua with us for about 12 years, however she passed away on the 26 April 2017. She came from SPCA cat rescue.

We felt the urge to fill the void, so after some looking for cats and kittens at various places, we settled for “Silver”, a few months old kitten. Her full name given to her is “Silver Shadow”.

Our cat silver
Cheetah, our cat

We then heard about an adult cat that was dropped off at our local vet Dr. Bob (Now Vets North). The cat was a stray and had been there for a few months without anybody claiming or wanting her. We felt so sorry for the cat that we decided to have a look at her and – of course – subsequently adopt her. The two of them settled in quite well and get along well too – which was our biggest concern. So Stray was renamed into Cheetah.

Cheetah however loved to wonder around the neighbourhood and unfortunately was run over by a car on Taylor Road in October 2017.

Cheetah was a very special character, never too social but always around somewhere. Loved to lay between Jolans cuddly toys in her bed and never managed to properly eat out of the bowl without pushing it around the place. She will be missed.

Naughty Cat
Naughty Cat

So now only Silver was left. She befriended a stray tomcat that we called “Naughty Cat”, short “Naughty”. Naughty and Silver hang around and played and Silver turned pregnant :-).

Naughty cat has become very friendly, attachedand cuddly. His favourite food is food 🙂 . When he’s around, the bowl is always empty.

Silver and Naughty got 3x lovely kittens: “Moonshine”, “Ziggy Stardust” and “Tigger”. We sold Tigger and have now 4 cats left in total, somehow more than we wanted, but that’s okay. They are so adorable.

When Ziggy and Moonshine roll up together, they look like Yin and Yang.

Charcoal cat with her face stuck half into a green mesh fence
Ziggy watching ducks
A charcoal coloured cat in a bed with lots of cuddly toys surrounding her

Ziggy had an accident in February 2019 when she was hit by a car. The doctor had to remove her femur head that attached the hind leg to the hip – she’s all fine again but can do some amazing things with her once injured leg.

Moonshine is a pretty cruisy guy that loves hanging out on the couch in the most entertaining positions. Also loves food.

Closeup photo of a white-grey cat face