Good bye, sweet summer

Summer has come to an official end, and one can tell. The nights are getting colder, the fog in the morning gets more, although beautiful to watch.

Yet the days are usually warm or even hot (in the sunshine) but the paddocks have turned from brown back to green and it was the 2nd summer in a row that we did not have to order water for the tank. We just made it. In saying so, last summer was not really a summer. More like an extension to winter.

The autumn jobs have started, like making sure the water system is working, the troughs are all filling, any leaks are fixed, the fences are up-to-date etc. All those jobs you don’t want to do in Summer when it’s too hot but need doing eventually.

We had a good harvest of courgettes, potatoes and tomatoes. And the next generation of limes are looking awesome. Also looking forward to a better harvest of persimmons. Last years were just not sweet. But as we said, it wasn’t a summer really last time.

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