Tag: sunrise

It’s been a few rather wet days. Some with intermittent sunshine but not enough to dry up the ground yet. The cats use the sunny breaks to go outside but other than that they seem to be in hibernation.
Crisp winter mornings are fun to watch with the fog and the clouds moving, building up and disappearing again.
While we had no guests, have not been out to see any people and had no coffee other than the home made one due to COVID-19 lockdown level 4 and 3, we fixed a few things around the farm, moved animals around the paddocks and got more feed in.
Spring soon will turn into summer and the weather during the day is already so awesome.
The early spring mornings here are foggy and cold but beautiful.
Spring has sprung but it would appear that it has temporarily left us.
I love it to be up early when nature wakes up. The air is clean and fresh, energizing. And you are rewarded with a stunning sunrise.