Our animals – Goats

Beginning of September our two Nigerian Dwarf Goats arrived at Pukeatua Farmstay from Muddy Valley Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats.

They were born on 24th August 2021 in the middle of another Auckland Covid-10 lockdown, so they are still babies and only a week old.

Our 2 little baby goats are called Muddy Valley Twi and Muddy Valley La. They love bouncing around in their paddock and up onto the things in their playground.

They are as close to a puppy as it can be. They feel very comfortable in the house. Just the cats are scared to death by them and avoid them or hissing at them. Poor cats.

Latest Posts about our Goats

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Apart from the usual winter farm activities, there has not been much exciting stuff happening. It’s been a typical winter with lots of rain, lots of mud but rather warm in comparison. It looks like nature has decided that it is spring.