Tag: fog

Within days, the hot summer weather had moved on and made space for moderate temperatures with rain and fog.
It’s been rather wet, foggy and cold in the last couple of days. The cats spent more time inside and expressing a form of cabin fever when awake but they are mostly asleep. The horses are asking for more food, the chickens are hiding in their house and the ducks – well, the ducks are in their element.
The seasons are changing. Summer went and Easter and Autumn came around. We have been starting to prepare for winter to come.
Nothing much really has happened over the last few weeks and hence our updates have been rather sparse. One thing did happen however: Think it really turned spring.
Crisp winter mornings are fun to watch with the fog and the clouds moving, building up and disappearing again.
Another summer has gone by and autumn came, dry and cold.
The early spring mornings here are foggy and cold but beautiful.
Spring has sprung but it would appear that it has temporarily left us.