Welcome to 2024

The last year has been tough on the and the animals.

But here we are, looking at 2024 with the belief that we can master anything the year may bring.

Bring on the challenges, 2024. It won't always be easy, there may be hard work, there may be tears, but we will grow stronger together.

Happy New Year, everyone!

2023 in review

The weather​

There came the bad , the cyclone and the floods with months of rain, summer was non-existent. Many friends were affected, we suffered damage to the house as well. We fixed, repaired and rebuilt, better than before. However, anyone that I spoke too was rather gloomy and down. No sun for months can have quite an impact on your mental wellbeing. No summer BBQ's and hardly any activities.

February was more exciting than needed.

Our area was badly affected by slips, with roads and houses disappearing. Muriwai just down from us was affected the worst with toll on lives, properties, infrastructure and mental health. A reminder by nature that climate change is happening, so it would appear.

The animals​

The bad did not only affect the people but also the animals. Our pony Shady did not cope with the weather at all. His cancer ridden and Cushing's disease affected body would not tolerate the weather. He peacefully passed away in the middle of friends and on 27 March. Fly free, ‘The Real Slim Shady'.

His buddy, Rusty, was sent into retirement further North and is enjoying life in company.

Our much loved cat Ziggy got sick shortly after the storm in February and refused to eat. When we got her into our trusty local vet, she was diagnosed with renal failure. She would get better and worse on and off over several weeks and was admitted to the vet a few times.
The most devastating day of the year was when we made the decision to end her suffering and pain on 18 April. Her beautiful soul left her broken body behind.

We will be missing you, beautiful girl.

On the other hand, 2 new critters were added to the mix and they are real fun. Our now four goats are real characters, pretty noisy, too. The two new ladies are real calm and cuddly, plus they give milk that we turn into amazing cheese.

And we had another two new arrivals: In August, two new calves named Caramello and Caramilk were added to our bestie moo.

The economy​

We had a tough year, workwise, economy wise and politically, we had elections. Interest rates are high, food got even more expensive. Various food items don't seem to be imported any more, some due to the Ukraine war, some due to Covid. Maybe there are other reasons, too.

Let's hope interest rates will come down again, soon.

The people

I can say that, looking at all of us, we have successfully managed to turn failures and negative experiences into the positive. I believe that crisis is not negative but a change to analyse, rethink and reorientate, learn from it and grow stronger.

You have to pick your battles and calculate the price (toll), not just on you. It's rarely just you, but your family need to deal with you and so do your friends.

There are friends we have not seen in a year as they battle with their own issues and challenges the last few years of covid and inflation brought for them, their business and their families.

We would love to see some of them again for a coffee, a yarn or a good old-fashioned BBQ.

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