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Our animals

Almost all of our animals have a story. The cat came from SPCA and picked us, the chicken are from local battery farms and the calves are bobby calves that would be tragically discarded, and now love you to bits.

Guests at the farmstay can enjoy lots of cute and friendly farm animals around – Alpacas, cows, chickens, horses, ducks and the cat. All of them have a story and many of them are rescues. You are invited to join in at feeding times or to have a pat. You can also enjoy some of the free range eggs for breakfast on the weekend if the “girls” have been laying.

Sillver, our cat


Meet our family of cats, Silver, Naughty, Moonshine and Ziggy

Jolan laying on her calf "Cheeky"


Kau and Angela Moo.


The chicken, we currently have 16 of them, are all rescues of some sort.


We have a herd of 10 alpacas and two of them, our junior boys, were born at our place.

Rusty and Shady nicely asking for food in the evening


Our two buddies.

Duck flapping its wings


We have 2 Buff Orpingtons, 4 Cayugas and some semi-wild ones.

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