Who likes the weather when it’s raining and storming outside? No one – well, maybe the odd people that are happy that their grass is growing, like us humans inside. Oh, and the ducks! The ducks love it. They can almost swim on the front lawn.

Black Cayuga Duck cleaning himself on the lawn with water droplets running off his feathers
Duck in the rain

The horses look a bit wet and depressed and so do the alpacas and cows. The chickens having a rest inside the chook house and the cats… well, the cats come inside for a snooze.

Black and white ragdoll cat climbing up on the the fireplace shelf
Naughty likes fires

Unless you name is Naughty and you love fires. He site next to me every time I light the fireplace, would crawl into it if you did not pay attention. And it’s not even the warmth – it seems to be the smell and the moving lights.

I did stack up some firewood in front of the door, just for the wind to turn and make everything wet.

So there we are predominantly inside with the cats that brave the weather from time to time just like us who have to go outside at feeding times.

Other than that, stay at home and stay save under Covid-19 level 3 in Auckland.

Rainy landscape in misty layers and some sun pushing through thick clouds orange in the background
Stormy sunset

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A Black Cayuga duck with 12 ducklings waddling behind her in the paddock

Ducks, and more ducks

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Black cat in a wooden planter box


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Fire with a marshmallow stick over it, three marshmallows on it, roasting.

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Cat with head up in the air

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