Autumn has its beauties too

Another summer has gone by and autumn came, dry and cold.

The odd flowers are still blooming, the lemons are getting yellow – first real lemon harvest since we planted trees a few years ago – nature takes its time.

The valley is foggy in the mornings and the animals more hungry. Would have been nice to get some more grass growth before the cold but there has hardly been any rain. I fear we will change from too dry to muddy wet, just like a few years ago – think it’s been 3 years since that horrific wet winter that led us to building that horse shelter. Need to get the horse shelter sorted and cleaned out. Maybe a water supply -after two years, but the fence rails were done a few weeks ago.

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The weather is getting warmer, the mud on the ground has disappeared, the grass has been growing lots, making animals and people are happy.
Pukeatua Farmstay has a number of various mechanical traps and bait station spread around the property.
September came and marked the beginning of spring. Two days prior however it was the coldest night of the year with frost on the car windscreen.
With winter just around the corner your home will start to feel colder. We have some dry excellent quality pinecones for sale.
When our son did a placement on a nearby dairy farm during calving season, they forgot to book a calf for the bobby truck. That was the beginning of Caramel’s story.
What can I say, the cats are special here. They are probably special everywhere, but I feel that we have an interesting mix of personalities. Especially Moonshine, he’s always good for entertainment.