Autumn has its beauties too

Another summer has gone by and autumn came, dry and cold.

The odd flowers are still blooming, the lemons are getting yellow – first real lemon harvest since we planted trees a few years ago – nature takes its time.

The valley is foggy in the mornings and the animals more hungry. Would have been nice to get some more grass growth before the cold but there has hardly been any rain. I fear we will change from too dry to muddy wet, just like a few years ago – think it’s been 3 years since that horrific wet winter that led us to building that horse shelter. Need to get the horse shelter sorted and cleaned out. Maybe a water supply -after two years, but the fence rails were done a few weeks ago.

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Closeup picture of white/blue/yellow moss growing on some grey basalt stone

Winter is officially here

Rain and mild temperatures have led winter to the land. The trees have dropped their leaves and the moss started to grow. Browns and greens and the dominating colours, the red and yellows have almost gone.

White alpaca standing a green grass in front of a strip of pine forest

Quiet times

While we had no guests, have not been out to see any people and had no coffee other than the home made one due to COVID-19 lockdown level 4 and 3, we fixed a few things around the farm, moved animals around the paddocks and got more feed in.


Days of lockdown

I have lost count as to what day we are in but it does not really matter at the end of the day. Life continues not necessarily as normal but almost normal. Feels a little bit like holidays at home with a bit of working in between.
Late breakfasts with more cooked stuff than normal, like GF pancakes, GF waffles, fried breakfast etc.

Easter Egg Hunt in the forest

The great Pukeatua Easter Egg hunt

Mr bunny was terribly sorry this year, he had an accident and lost all of his eggs on the way through a hole in his bag. So all the lovely easter eggs are now spread across most of the farm, ~10 acres.

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