Autumn has its beauties too

Another summer has gone by and autumn came, dry and cold.

The odd flowers are still blooming, the lemons are getting yellow – first real lemon harvest since we planted trees a few years ago – nature takes its time.

The valley is foggy in the mornings and the animals more hungry. Would have been nice to get some more grass growth before the cold but there has hardly been any rain. I fear we will change from too dry to muddy wet, just like a few years ago – think it’s been 3 years since that horrific wet winter that led us to building that horse shelter. Need to get the horse shelter sorted and cleaned out. Maybe a water supply -after two years, but the fence rails were done a few weeks ago.

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A Black Cayuga duck with 12 ducklings waddling behind her in the paddock

Ducks, and more ducks

A few mother ducks did disappear a few weeks ago and we thought that was suspicious. Today Monty revealed her secret and what a cute fluffy surprise that was.

Black cat in a wooden planter box


When we put those planters up, we had best intentions. So had the Ziggy the cat. But her intentions were quite obviously different to ours. Growing cats? Well, it’s worth a try.

The return of Erwien

What a joy and surprise that was when a few days ago Erwien showed up with a boyfriends and a whole bunch of fluffy ducklings.

Fire with a marshmallow stick over it, three marshmallows on it, roasting.

Arctic. What’s better than a fire?

The wind finally eased down a bit but the arctic blast was still on. With chilly temperatures outside, what’s better than a nice fire? A fire with marshmallows!

Cat with head up in the air

Wussie cat and no sleep

The storm that was supposed to come was not too bad after all. A bit of rain that we loved very much and quite some wind with a bit of thunder and lightning. All that would have been easy to take, if it wasn’t for: Moonshine.

Valley with sun behind black rain clouds

Waiting for the storm

Waiting for the storm to come. Some rain would be really good, hope it won’t be too windy.

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