Autumn has its beauties too

Another summer has gone by and autumn came, dry and cold.

The odd flowers are still blooming, the lemons are getting yellow – first real lemon harvest since we planted trees a few years ago – nature takes its time.

The valley is foggy in the mornings and the animals more hungry. Would have been nice to get some more grass growth before the cold but there has hardly been any rain. I fear we will change from too dry to muddy wet, just like a few years ago – think it’s been 3 years since that horrific wet winter that led us to building that horse shelter. Need to get the horse shelter sorted and cleaned out. Maybe a water supply -after two years, but the fence rails were done a few weeks ago.

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Cute calf in the paddock

A break from the rainy weather

First day in a long time without rainy weather, so we went down into the valley for fixing things, moving things and play things.

Aerial view of some alpacas in a green paddock

Aerial video with Alpacas

A video a friend made in summer two years ago. The horse shelter was still under construction at that time. The flightover shows our alpacas in the lower paddock and gives an impression of our lovely hillside spot.

Pink clouds over a valley covered in fog with trees sticking out of the fog

A foggy morning Hyperlapse

Crisp winter mornings are fun to watch with the fog and the clouds moving, building up and disappearing again.

Picture from just above the water surface taken

Flood water fun

The first flood this winter has arrived. Usually, we have 2 or more of those events, but this year is the first time we have been having some fun in it. After all, why not?

Closeup picture of white/blue/yellow moss growing on some grey basalt stone

Winter is officially here

Rain and mild temperatures have led winter to the land. The trees have dropped their leaves and the moss started to grow. Browns and greens and the dominating colours, the red and yellows have almost gone.

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