Today we said goodbye to Mocha, one of our Alpaca boys who was born here back in 2016.

Someone down in the village bought two alpaca boys and one of them sufddenly dies and as you cannot have just one lonely alpaca, we sold him our Mocha. Good luck Mocha, we will be missing you. You have been a good boy and we are sure that you new home will be lovely and the other guy will be a good buddy for you.

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Image along a log with a pulley attached to it at the far end in the slightly blurry distance.

Lockdown – here we go again

If not doing office work, we fix fences, move animals around, collect, cut and chop firewood, dig trenches, build goat houses 😉 and fix all sorts of things that break over time.

Cat with head up in the air

Wussie cat and no sleep

The storm that was supposed to come was not too bad after all. A bit of rain that we loved very much and quite some wind with a bit of thunder and lightning. All that would have been easy to take, if it wasn’t for: Moonshine.

Visitors feeding getting in touch with our alpacas

Back from the Kumeu Show

We had a great two days at the Kumeu Show and would like to like to thank all our lovely visitors who took the opportunity to ask question.

We will be at the Kumeu Show

We will be at the Kumeu Show again this weekend with some of our alpacas. Soda, Ponga, Mocha and Joey.