We knew this would happen eventually, however it it is still a bit sad. Mostly because you cannot see your friends in person and spend some time together over shared dinners – or a bonfire. Which is actually overdue thinking about it.

Nevertheless we consider ourselves lucky as we have plenty of space to go out without actually leaving the property. It’s also never getting boring here unless it rains for days and even then you find some stuff to do.

If not doing office work, we fix fences, move animals around, collect, cut and chop firewood, dig trenches, build goat houses 😉 and fix all sorts of things that break over time.

And of course you spend some time with the animals.

Some one in the village tragically lost an alpaca boy this week, so we decided to sell on Mocha – contactless. You cannot have a single alpaca. So we are now down to 8 alpacas, 6 females and 2 boys.

Attached a couple of farm life, landscape and animals impressions. Stay strong, stay safe everyone. Kia kaha.

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Child cradling a baby goat in her lap

New critters have arrived

Our 2 little baby goats are called Muddy Valley Twi and Muddy Valley La. They love bouncing around in their paddock and up onto the things in their playground.

Cows and alpacas in front of sunset

Quiet but busy during another Covid-19 lockdown

I picked a few pictures to keep you entertained and maybe – once we are out of lockdown – you may want to drop by for a stay and enjoy some time off. We will be opening in level 2.

Flooding – groundhog day

This year was special and I had not yet seen the water that high. Kumeu and Waimauku townships flooded too and other suburbs in West Auckland. For some it was pretty bad and I feel sorry for the affected people – and animals.

Goodbye Mocha

Today we said goodbye to Mocha, one of our Alpaca boys who was born here back in 2016. He went to a new home with a new buddy.

Two grey ducls and a brick pathway in the wet with wet grass behind them.

Water everywhere – in the midst of winter

It’s been rather wet, foggy and cold in the last couple of days. The cats spent more time inside and expressing a form of cabin fever when awake but they are mostly asleep.

The horses are asking for more food, the chickens are hiding in their house and the ducks – well, the ducks are in their element.

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