Lockdown – here we go again

We knew this would happen eventually, however it it is still a bit sad. Mostly because you cannot see your in person and spend some time together over shared dinners – or a bonfire. Which is actually overdue thinking about it.

Nevertheless we consider ourselves lucky as we have plenty of space to go out without actually leaving the property. It's also never getting boring here unless it rains for days and even then you find some stuff to do.

If not doing office work, we fix fences, move around, collect, cut and chop , dig trenches, build goat houses πŸ˜‰ and fix all sorts of things that break over time.

And of course you spend some time with the .

Some one in the village tragically lost an alpaca boy this week, so we decided to sell on Mocha – contactless. You cannot have a single alpaca. So we are now down to 8 alpacas, 6 females and 2 boys.

Attached a couple of farm life, landscape and animals impressions. Stay strong, stay safe everyone. Kia kaha.

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Pukeatua farmstay has 12 traps spread around the buildings and the paddocks. Every 2nd day they need checking for any caught rats or hedgehogs.
Spring came and went, Summer took over without much changing. It’s still raining every other day and the sun shines intermittently. But on the bright side that has made all the grass grow.
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Pukeatua Farmstay has a number of various mechanical traps and bait station spread around the property.
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