A goat ending story

La is typically the bossy one of the two siblings. And as siblings do, they play and fight together.

Yesterday his brother Twee had enough of La’s bossiness and headbutted him off the playground structure. La got stuck with his hind leg, got some abrasions and was not too keen to use his leg. We put some Iodine spray on the abrasions and decided to wait and see until the next day.

The next day, La was still limping so had the pleasure of seeing out trusty vet in Helensville.

How do you transport a goat that does not want to lay down, is somewhat hyperactive (on three legs) and takes interest in everything?

The crate is not handy to get him in there, the trailer too big and cold and the car, well…

So we created a (more visual) barrier with the packing net and also tied him down in the back of the car. Nobody wants a goat jumping on your lap on the highway while driving.

He actually stood most of the trip to Helensville and was enjoying the scenery through the back window. That gave us the impression that he could not be doing too badly.

The vet agreed that he was actually pretty fine (luckily) and just gave him some anti-inflammatory injection before he was sent back home to his brother.

I have to admit that we got the odd stares with La tied up outside the vet on the dog post. One passer-by commented that this was not something to be seen everyday and I said that La was the family dog. More stares and smiles.

At home, the two brothers were put to work, carrying out vegetation control. Such a hard goat life.

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