Checkup with picnic – after all, why not?

On a regular basis you need to check up on your animals, fences and water systems. But what is better than combining that with a dog goat run and some picnic?

The goats like picnics very much. There are so many things you can sniff on, chew on or stick your head in. They are hilariously entertaining and annoying, at the same time or interchangeably.

It’s also always a good opportunity to find things on the way, little things to be excited about. Like moss, some insects, frogs, an interesting looking piece of bark etc. You get the idea. It’s about walking through the landscape with open eyes.

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September came and marked the beginning of spring. Two days prior however it was the coldest night of the year with frost on the car windscreen.
When our son did a placement on a nearby dairy farm during calving season, they forgot to book a calf for the bobby truck. That was the beginning of Caramel’s story.
We had flooding and cylones. The ducks have been the only very happy creatures but they turned their area into a slimy, muddy mess. Guess that sums up the last few months.
Last night we said goodbye to our much-loved cat Ziggy Stardust. She fell aslep amidst her cat and human family, not to wake up anymore.
Shady our little Bush Pegasus has peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge today. We are so glad he was able to go gracefully and peacefully with all of us and his best mate Rusty by his side.
February was thought to finally bring summer. What it brought instead was more rain – and storm.