Checkup with picnic – after all, why not?

On a regular basis you need to check up on your animals, fences and water systems. But what is better than combining that with a dog goat run and some picnic?

The goats like picnics very much. There are so many things you can sniff on, chew on or stick your head in. They are hilariously entertaining and annoying, at the same time or interchangeably.

It’s also always a good opportunity to find things on the way, little things to be excited about. Like moss, some insects, frogs, an interesting looking piece of bark etc. You get the idea. It’s about walking through the landscape with open eyes.

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This year marks the first time that it was not us adults doing the wreath but our daughter herself with only very little guidance.
How do you transport a goat that does not want to lay down, is somewhat hyperactive (on three legs) and takes interest in everything?
Apart from the usual winter farm activities, there has not been much exciting stuff happening. It’s been a typical winter with lots of rain, lots of mud but rather warm in comparison. It looks like nature has decided that it is spring.
Today, we made an attempt of getting the ducks out of the duck run and into the garden for some bug and snail control. They were not too keen to get out and needed convincing, some of them we simply had to literally throw out.
The weather has turned from somewhat wet and warm to rather wet and cold. The horses have been rugged up just like the goats. The rodent infestation has become noticeable, so we started putting up more traps on top of the traps and bait stations we already had.
Within days, the hot summer weather had moved on and made space for moderate temperatures with rain and fog.