Nature has decided it’s spring

Apart from the usual farm activities, there has not been much exciting stuff happening. It's been a typical with lots of rain, lots of mud but rather warm in comparison. Some parts of NZ have been battling with over the last weeks, we have been lucky.

It looks like has decided that it is spring.

The have been moving around the paddocks, being the biggest eaters out there. The cows look after themselves and so do the alpacas. The ducks, chickens and cats are getting their twice-daily feed and get noisy when you are running late. And the goats have been goats, playful, nosy, jumpy and . They enjoy sunbathing on their playground structure made from old pallets.

The last few days have been dry and the water puddled on the lawn and in front of the door have finally dried off, we even managed to make use of the good and mow the lawns.

The ducks started laying more eggs again and Freddy has decided or has been elected to be the mom in charge of a big communal pile of eggs. She's been sitting on it for weeks and finally 4 emerged from it. Sadly all of them disappeared over night, one by one. So no at the moment. Will be interesting to see if anything will come out of the remaining eggs.

However, we were amazed to see that Lilo, one of our ex ducks, returned yesterday with her bunch of cute, fluffy ducklings. We counted 13 of them. So cool that she came back to her place of upbringing.

It is so great to be outside in the warm sun, soak up some warmth and vitamin D. Best while preparing the planters for the herbs and vegetables.

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