It's been a few rather wet days. Some with intermittent sunshine but not enough to dry up the ground yet. The cats use the sunny breaks to go outside but other than that they seem to be in hibernation.

The humans spend much time inside, too. Probably too much. We tend to do a lot more experimental and those days in Covid-19 lockdown. Looking forward to when we can have a life again and see .

Nevertheless a few pictures to brighten up your mood and to make you happy(er).

A grate with buns on it
Fresh buns

We do more and experimental those days in lockdown.

It's hard to get the food you are used to and hard to get ingredients, too. So you simply try new stuf. Those buns are gluten free and have pumpkin and sunflower seeds in them.

Did I say we get a lot of nice sunsets? We also get a lot of nice sunrises if you are up early enough.

Well, I guess they happen anyway, even if nobody is there to see them.

Muddy gumboots
A walk through the horse race

The horse race will need some maintenance in summer and be completely replaced. It's been a few years now and it has become quite muddy with ponding water.

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