A person cuddling a brown, fluffy alpaca
Alpaca maintenance time

The alpacas had their half-yearly maintenance with drenching, vaccinations and hoof trimming. Now they are good to go for another half year and around Christmas they’ll have their annual main maintenance with shearing.

The weather has turned from somewhat wet and warm to rather wet and cold. The horses have been rugged up just like the goats. The ducks have stopped laying eggs but the chicken have still been going, so much, that we made deviled eggs twice.

The rodent infestation has become noticeable, so we started putting up more traps on top of the traps and bait stations we already had. As a result, we caught a few mice in the garage and around the bird feed storage. No rats yet.

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Closeup of white mushroom

Happy Earth Day 2022

The warm and humid weather produced lovely field mushrooms to be harvested. Earlier we harvested basil, limes and potatoes.

A long trench in the paddock, disappearing in the distance with

Diggery-do: digging up the farm

It’s the time of the year again. It’s very dry, the soggy paddocks have dried up and it’s the perfect time to dig out all the drains.

Redish sunset over the hills turning the landscape red

Drylands – no rain in sight

We have not seen much rain in more than 2 months now but rather hot, sunny weather with wind. Both dries out the land, particularly the hillsides facing the Kaipara where the wind blows from and which the hot afternoon sun hits.