A person cuddling a brown, fluffy alpaca
Alpaca maintenance time

The alpacas had their half-yearly maintenance with drenching, vaccinations and hoof trimming. Now they are good to go for another half year and around they'll have their annual main maintenance with .

The has turned from somewhat wet and warm to rather wet and cold. The have been rugged up just like the goats. The ducks have stopped laying eggs but the chicken have still been going, so much, that we made deviled eggs twice.

The rodent infestation has become noticeable, so we started putting up more traps on top of the traps and bait stations we already had. As a result, we caught a few mice in the garage and around the bird feed storage. No rats yet.

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Bring on the challenges, 2024. It won’t always be easy, there may be hard work, there may be tears, but we will grow stronger together.
Pukeatua farmstay has 12 traps spread around the buildings and the paddocks. Every 2nd day they need checking for any caught rats or hedgehogs.
Spring came and went, Summer took over without much changing. It’s still raining every other day and the sun shines intermittently. But on the bright side that has made all the grass grow.
The weather is getting warmer, the mud on the ground has disappeared, the grass has been growing lots, making animals and people are happy.
Pukeatua Farmstay has a number of various mechanical traps and bait station spread around the property.
September came and marked the beginning of spring. Two days prior however it was the coldest night of the year with frost on the car windscreen.