It’s almost February

Feels like yesterday that we celebrated Christmas, had a break and were looking forward to a nice and warm summer. Turns out, that summer never really haooend. Okay, we had two nice weeks of good weather just after everyone was back at work, but during the national Christmas break and summer holidays, no such thing eventuated.

On a positive note, the grass was growing like crazy and the animals have been happy – and so have we been really from a farming perspective. After all it meant no feed needed and less work and cost.

The garden has been growing fruit and vegetables. Contrary to last year we harvested quite a lot of blueberries this year and the persimmon tree is bearing fruit for the first time.

Mid month was also the annual alpaca shearing day, turning fluffy teddybears into stick animals.

Our domestic ducks seem to be attracting a lot of their wild cousins. We think quite a few of the guests are actually some of our ex rescue ducks but I cannot recall that we had that many. Well, maybe we had over the years – not sure 😉

This week brought some heavy rain yet again and severe flooding in the area and in the wider Auckland region.

Out thoughts are with those that have been effected by the floods.

And here we go, January will be over in no time and 1/12 of the year has already gone.

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This year marks the first time that it was not us adults doing the wreath but our daughter herself with only very little guidance.
Today, we made an attempt of getting the ducks out of the duck run and into the garden for some bug and snail control. They were not too keen to get out and needed convincing, some of them we simply had to literally throw out.
Within days, the hot summer weather had moved on and made space for moderate temperatures with rain and fog.
The warm and humid weather produced lovely field mushrooms to be harvested. Earlier we harvested basil, limes and potatoes.
The little ducklings have grown over the last couple of days and become so docile, or should I rather say they’ve sussed out where the food comes from….
It’s so nice to get outside between rain break. The weather has been warming up over the the last days and we are getting 20 deg during the day.