Seasons: Bye Summer, hello Autumn

The seasons are changing. Summer went and Easter and Autumn came around. The is filled with fog those mornings, the geese are flying in flocks – not even sure where from and where to.

View of the valley with fog lingering over the Kaipara river meandering through the valley
Mornings are getting foggy
Geese flying in formation in the sky across the valley
A formation of geese

We have been starting to prepare for winter to come, was brought up from the , the stuff we felled several years ago. Finally made it into ringe for splitting and was split by Janus, ready for stacking. It is slowly getting too wet to drive down into the woods and valley.

Little yellow 1.7 ton digger on the farm track with big log in the bucket as wide as the track, just fitting through between fence post my centimeters.
Hard working little
Man splitting firewood with splithammer, barefeet, surrounded by pieces of wood
Janus hard at work
Packic wrapped bales with haylage neatly stacked up
Haylage for winter

The haylage for the was brought in and stacked, 32 bales should hopefully last until spring. At 30kgs or so per bale, that made almost a ton of feed – no pun intended πŸ˜‰

We also got the back into tidy up the areas around the calf for some exciting new arrivals. Soon we will add some dwarf goats to our collection of . Just a few more weeks.

We did our traditional Easter egg hunt in the pine patch with and . This time last year COVID-19 was also raging in NZ and we were in lockdown level 4.

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