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It’s been a long time we had some cute calfies arriving here. Yesterday was the day 3x cute new calfies arriving. They walked down the driveway into the shelter and are now happily mixing and mingling with the horses.
We did a roundtrip down the hill for pine cone collecting, fence fixing, alpaca seeing and moo encounter.
Drove down into the valley today to check up on the alpacas and the cheeky moo.
A weekend of alpaca shearing, vet attendance, fixing fences and water troughs.
Most animals stick to electric fences – our alpacas do not.
Video: Our new calfies Agnes Moo, Abigail Nosy Moo and Angela Moo just arrived last weekend. Agnes has been scouring for the past two days and gets some special care. That day we had a hail storm coming up outside.
Our new babies Agnes Moo, Abigail Nosy Moo and Angela Moo.