A visit to the cow

Jolan had been collecting pine cones down in the pine patch and we were to collect them, so we took our guests down to the alpacas with the car on the way.

And whilst down there we fixed the fence which the silly moo broke a few weeks ago. Also picked up the pine cone bags on the way back up – never drive empty 😉

Abigail Moo has grown quite a bit, despite the lack of green grass – it has not been raining for more than 2 months and the landscape has turned yellow.

Duck in the doddock with 15 little duckling behind her in a big bunch

New Fluffballs

One afternoon, there was Wasabi waddling around the paddock and there was a bunch of fluffballs tumbling after her, 15 little duckling.

Picture from top of driveway looking down on house roof and across into the Kaipara valley with shades of brown and yellow landscape with a few green trees


The last few months were pretty dry with no rainfall other than a few drops that pretty much instantly evaporated upon hitting the ground.
I think the last rain was some time before Christmas last year which would make it three months with no rain at all.

Look across the Kaipara valley with rainclouds in the background and diffuse light coming through the clouds.

Finally some rain?

It’s been a long time without any rain. Not sure how much this will be but anything is better than nothing.

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