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Update April 2023:

All our have now gone to better places and we have decided not to take on any more.


† Shady

We got Shady in August 2016 and spent quite a bit of time getting used to him and likewise given him the time to connect with us. He used to be a bit head shy but this is now almost gone and he is a rock solid whanau horse and very reliable. We love him – all of us.

On the 27 of March 2023 we had to say goodbye to Shady. He had cushing's disease and cancer. He will be dearly missed.


The latest addition to the was Rusty, an Appaloosa mix with rusty brown mane. He has been a bit chubby but very friendly and will need a bit of work to get his tummy reduced to normal. We had a first ride with him in Woodhill , and he was out of himself and just wanted to go.

Since his best buddy passed away, we have moved up north to a retirement place where he can spend the rest of his life without having to work but in company.

Rusty and myself
Rusty and myself
Rusty and Shady nicely asking for food in the evening
Rusty and Shady

The winter of 2017 was pretty wet and bad for them, so we have been building a shelter for them. While Rusty seem not to mind the rain too much, Shady has a sensitive skind and very much prefers to stay inside.

They are well in their senior ages now and we do not ride them any more.

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