Two weeks ago two new furry furies have arrived and settled in quite well.

The newcomers are two Nigerian Dwarf Goats, born on 24th August, so they are still babies.

Two baby goats in a shelter
Twi and La in their shelter

Our 2 little baby goats are called Muddy Valley Twi and Muddy Valley La. They love bouncing around in their paddock and up onto the things in their playground.

We have been building them two houses in the currently unsused calf shelter for the still cold nights. Once they are bigger they can go outside and we’ll transfer the houses outside, too.

The work also involved “goat-proofing” the fences and gates. Seems to be still work in progress as they decided to just jump the 90cm high fences.

Gild sitting on a wooden fence around a tin shed with two plywood catches inside
Goat shelter building
Baby goats in front of a fence with a number of alpacas lining up behind the fence staring at the goats
Alpaca inspection committee

All the other animals had to get used to those strange newcomers. The cats needed more than two weeks to get close to them – they were just plain terrified.

The alpacas were just typical alpacas – nosy as – and were lining up to check out the goats.

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Closeup of brown

Springtime again and lovely weather

It’s so nice to get outside between rain break. The weather has been warming up over the the last days and we are getting 20 deg during the day.

Image along a log with a pulley attached to it at the far end in the slightly blurry distance.

Lockdown – here we go again

If not doing office work, we fix fences, move animals around, collect, cut and chop firewood, dig trenches, build goat houses 😉 and fix all sorts of things that break over time.

Two grey ducls and a brick pathway in the wet with wet grass behind them.

Water everywhere – in the midst of winter

It’s been rather wet, foggy and cold in the last couple of days. The cats spent more time inside and expressing a form of cabin fever when awake but they are mostly asleep.

The horses are asking for more food, the chickens are hiding in their house and the ducks – well, the ducks are in their element.

Little tractor with trailer in forest

More foraging

A few days ago there was finally a window with no rain and a bit of time, so managed to fill 4 feed bags with pine cones. Pine cones are excellent fire starters, full of resin and a rather large surface, thus burn really well, long and hot.

View of the valley with fog lingering over the Kaipara river meandering through the valley

Seasons: Bye Summer, hello Autumn

The seasons are changing. Summer went and Easter and Autumn came around. We have been starting to prepare for winter to come.

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