May, June, same old rain and mud

It feels to me that it has been raining for 24 months straight with very few breaks. There was no summer, the water tank remained full throughout what was called summer in the calendar, the grass kept growing. Which both were the good side effects.

But nothing really ever dried out, gumboots are a must (even in normal that is). The spent a lot of time in the , the chicken are rather moody and almost stopped laying. BBQs were reduced to a minimum. We had flooding and cylones. The ducks have been the only very happy creatures but they turned their area into a slimy, muddy mess.

Guess that sums up the last few months.

Throughout May we had Cyclone with new wall insulation fitted, new plasterboard, new carpet. Apart from the disruptions it was good to see the result being better than before.

But of course also more rain.

June saw the arrival of two new goats to the collection, now we have 2 boys and 2 girls. No, no breeding.

The girls are very docile compared to the boys who seem to be more ‘active', ie running, jumping and doing silly things.

Both girls currently still give milk and they are being milked every 2nd day. 

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