Duckies, duckies everywhere

So cute and fluffy, daring and trusting while mama duckie Erwien looks over them.

Erwin’s little bunch has turned into a bunch of squatters, the Squat Squad!

The little ducklings have grown over the last couple of days and become so docile, or should I rather say they’ve sussed out where the food comes from…. As the chirping got louder and louder we were quick to find out why… the little duckling Squat Squad had decided to venture indoors… not just once… they’re pretty cute, but well they’re messy ducks, so out they had to go again. They have come inside quite a few times to look for the humans with the food bucket.

The cats know not to mess with the ducks, they just ignore them. Or leave, when mama duck hisses at the cats.

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